"Stephen has been an essential part of my career for almost 40 years. I don't make a move without him."

                              - Steve Carmichael 

                                 Executive Producer
                                Quicksilver Consortium

"Stephen - thank you for always lending a hand and being a terrific rock for us during the production of "Running On Empty (Dreams)". With your legal foresight and experience as a producer, you stand as a cornerstone of this production and we are forever grateful for your legal counsel and friendship. Godspeed!"
Mauryo and Nitara Osborne
Producer, Director and Writer
"Running On Empty Dreams"

"​​​​We were so glad to find Stephen at the beginning of Daisy's career. He has  thorough knowledge of the business and a professional manner. He has been an invaluable member of Daisy's team and has always kept Daisy's interests at the forefront."​
Robert Mallory - Father of Daisy Mallory​

"Sephen Wade Nebgen is a lawyer who does not think in black and white and recognizes the complex nature of negotiation. I appreciated his insights, levity, and good sense as well as his ability to preserve good will on all sides while negotiating a complex contract."
Craig Bohmler
Composer: "The Quilt Maker's Gift
Award Winning Children's Christmas Musical​​


"Mr. Nebgen has been indispensable when it has come to contract negotiations for copywriting and developing contracts for licensing, touring, and development of new work."
Michael Barnard
Artistic Producing Director
Phoenix Theater, Phoenix Arizona​

From Left to Right: Steve Brain, Independent Producer; Jeb Stuart, screenwriter of Die Hard and The Fugitive, Stephen Wade Nebgen,Chair of the Community Advisory Committee to the Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre;  and, Bill True, Co-Chair of the Film Department of the Scottsdale School of Film+Theatre at SCC.


The Law Offices of

Stephen Wade Nebgen, PLLC

From Left to Right; Jared Sakren, Exec. Director of Southwest Shakespeare Company; Kevin Kline,Actor; and, Stephen Wade Nebgen.


                               *  Copyright Protection

                      *   Trademark


                      *  Contracts

                      *  Business Formation

                      *  Private Placement Securities Offerings



  *    Film

                        *  Coyote Howls (Pre-Production)

                      *  The Watchman's Canoe (In Post-Production)

                      *  Thunder: An Elephants Tale (Pre-Production)

                      *  Evolution of an Angel (In Pre-Production)

                      *  The Five-Day Crucifixion (Telly Award Winner)

                      *  Running On Empty Productions (Telly Award Winner)
​                      *  Romans Road

  *    Television

                        *  Soulless (In Production)

                           *   Arizona Humane Society: ("Animal Planet - Animal Heroes Phoenix")
                      *  Fast Times - (Hallmark Channel)
                      *  Skating Next's Star - (WE Network)
                      *  Hidden Palms - Lions Gate Productions (CW Network)

  *    Music

                  *  Simple Rebel featuring Dillon Silverstein

                      *  TRIDON

                      *  Supernaw

                      *  Don Kolb

                      *  Zona Road (Country-rock Battle of Bands Winner)
                      *  Terry Furlong (The Grass Roots)
                      *  Sandy Slavin (Riot)
                      *  Beatlocker Music (Gold-Record Winning Studio)
                      *  Wade Martin (World-famous Super Producer)
                      *  Tracy Mayfield​ (son of Curtis Mayfield)

  *     Theatre:
                     *  Judy: The Musical (Original musical on Judy Garland)
                     *  Phoenix Theatre (Oldest theatre company in Phoenix)
                     *  Southwest Shakespeare Company

                        (Nationally recognized for Shakespeare and the Classics)

  *     Fashion:

                          *  Angela Johnson

                        *  LabelHorde